Twentywellsick Wood Nature Reserve

Twentywellsick Wood is a small but fine example of an ancient mature oak woodland with an abundance of woodland birds. Oak dominates the canopy with birch, rowan and some holly. Located on a steep slope the ground flora varies from bilberry at the top to other woodland species such as bluebell and wood stitchwort.

The nature reserve’s strength lies in its role within a wider landscape which stretches from the Peak District to the city of Sheffield.

It features a number of associated woodland bird species such as nuthatch, treecreeper , wren, robin and two species of woodpecker. Other species can often be seen passing through; for example, long-tailed tits flit from tree to tree as they move through the valley. The occasional hooting of a tawny owl can be heard in the autumn months as territories are set up in the area.

Top Tip:

Stand behind the wall on the road and take in this diverse woodland whilst enjoying the delightful songs of resident birds.

The steep bank is covered by thin acid soils giving rise to a ground layer dominated by bilberry and wavy hair-grass, with occasional patches of bracken. The high rainfall levels support a number of typical mosses such as Hypnum cupressiforme and Dicranella heteromalla . Other plants of note include the delightful hard fern. At the bottom of the slope the soils become deeper and more clay-rich on which bluebell, red campion and wood stitchwort grow. Here the canopy contains a number of large ash trees as well as an understory of hazel with occasional holly.

The nature reserve slopes steeply down to the railway. It is suggested that visitors keep to the upper part of the site and do not descend to the lower area. Most of the site can be adequately seen from the footpath. The oak woodland requires little day-to-day management. Practical conservation tasks include repairs to boundaries, removal of species such as rhododendron and sycamore and the disposal of litter.

Public Transport

Train available to Dore rail station from Sheffield on the Sheffield – Manchester route. Bus routes from Sheffield centre available.


Twentywellsick Wood is situated on the Twentywell Lane above the Sheffield to Chesterfield railway line and close to the village of Dore , in south west Sheffield. By car, the nature reserve can be approached by taking the A621 Bakewell road from Sheffield. After a section of dual carriageway, Dore Railway Station is signed on the left. 200m after this a left-turn into Twentywell Lane should be taken. The road winds its way uphill, and the nature reserve can be seen on the right-hand side of the road. Continue past the wood as the road straightens out and Twentywell Road is on your right. Turn into this road and park safely to avoid any obstruction. Access is over a drop stone in the dry stone wall.

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Species and habitats

English Oak , Hazel , Bluebell , Tawny Owl , Long-tailed Tit , Green Woodpecker , Nuthatch , Treecreeper

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Twentywell Lane
South Yorkshire
S17 4QA
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SK 326 809
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Mar - Sep
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Permissive footpaths. The reserve is located on steep slopes and it is therefore suggested that visitors keep to the upper part of the site and do not descend to the lower area. Contact the Trust for disabled access information.
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Permissive footpaths.
Roadside parking available.
No dogs allowed
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Yorkshire Wildlife Trust
Tel: 01904 659570
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